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2pdr HE Restoration


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Here is another 2pdr i am doing up kindly donated by Tigbrand found at the bottom of the North see.
If you do this as fast and as good as your oyher restorations,i look forward to seeing it TOMORROW
Iam halfway there i found some markings
Has anybody got a pic of a mint one so i can paint it up.
Hi Andy,

I found this pic on another forum, (I hope I'm not breaking forum etiquette) either way, its from Pzgr40, who is also on this forum and creates some incredible cutaways.

The picture shows three 2PDR rounds from left to right AP, APHE and HE


The rounds are original paint, and therefore not pristine, but clearly show the colours, but not so markings...Hope this helps

not as good as rich,s but may be of use,slightly off topic i noticed the AP round is shown here with a blue tip where other docs show them with a white tip with red band,anyone know why this is,is this just different production periods ???
I have this info too spotter, i think its just postwar,unfortunately my info isnt dated.Also thanks to Rich for the cracking photos for Andy,i had no colour pics,so was not much help at all!Wouldnt mind that selection though myself.Wouldnt mind a bit more info on the A/P H/E shell,as i think i have one,apparently it has a cavity at base for a small charge,whereas the normal A/P has a small push in trace element(so ive been told!).
I must admit, I thought that the markings shown in the picture were post war also. Ive seen many post war projectiles that have blue tips, and all are post war. ...and i've never seen an original paint WWII 2PDR with Blue tip.

...However, if you look closely at the picture, the shell is apparently marked 1943.

So I don't really know what to believe....

Any ideas anyone
British Ammunition colours have had something like 5 colour changes since 1939 the changes where, up to 1939, post 1939 to 1953, 1953 to 1960, 1960 - 1976 as far is I can find out AP when to blue tip from about 1948 to 1952 then to a single red band at the nose.
Work in progress
i am halfway there i need a top to finish it off the one i have is wrong, has anybody got one for sale, if not i will have to make one.

Image in following post......