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2Pdr Heaven.


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Wouldnt mind that lot.:)
Bofors heaven - photo taken during the push to take the Reichswald Forest and shows Canadian gunners firing over open sights!
as you say Tony, 2pdr heaven. There are several ships out in the bay with these boxes of ammo still in situ on deck but the shells are so concreted together that they can't be prised out without damaging them
Hi Dave i know, Andysarmoury has a wreck recovered 2 pdr Hv He shell, inert of course, that was taken off a french chasseur, sunk off St Aldhelms(Albans)Head in Dorset.The cases were mint,but the shells were rusted away,And the fuses too.Keep the picks coming,cheers Tony.:)
2 Pdr Heaven

Hi Rick,

I think your 2 Pdr Heaven pics include Bofors Guns ... were they 40/70s then (& were they not 40mm and not 2 Pdr?).

I have a suspicion that the Bofors guns are involved in the Rhine Crossing (Op Varsity). Virtually everything that could reach over the Rhine was used to "Pepper Pot" the Wehrmacht.

by that stage of the war the Luftwaffe was a spent force and Light Ack Ack was used in the ground role and many Gunners were transferred to the infantry role.

A lot of operational analysis later went into whether lots of little bangs or fewer big bangs were better.

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