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2pdr. Pipsqueak


Allo, Allo, Re. exptl. 2 pdr., l neglected to mention that the 'Pot' projectile design was so successful it was scaled-up to 3.3inch. this later designated as 20pdr. for the new tank gun. During firing trials with 2pdr. APDS projectiles one main problem existed - fracture of the fired cartridge case at the cannelure, therefore, the remaining stock of cases where re-annealed which appeared to remedy this problem. CEAD reports continue stating that 200 cartridge cases to a different design would be required for the High Explosive shell. A request (by CEAD) that the overall length of the two rounds should match as near as possible. The new caliber was now to be considered for use in AFV's -circa.1946. Regards, RonB.