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3.7cm Pak AP V 3.7cm Flak AP


Which shell/gun performed best against armour in standard AP projectile form 3.7cm Pak or 3.7cm Flak.

Also does anyone have any info or pics etc on the 3.7cm flak AP or other projectiles.

Yours DAZ
last one there are more but i cannot place them because i hae some problems to get htem smaller
Hi Daz,

I don't have any specs of the Pak vs FlaK performance, but i'd guess they are pretty similar based on the similar volume of charge in each case, and the shape and type of each projectile.....Ill stand back and wait to be proved wrong....again.

Here's a picture of a 3,7cm Pak Pzgr round with beautiful markings that I saw for sale when I was in the US...sadly I didnt win it.

If you want pics of other rounds...i might have some, I tend to hoard.


Hope this helps
Here a foto of some rounds. There are many more but these are the most average.


DM 53
Hi Daz.....which shell is that exactly?.....are you sure its not someone else with the name as me?

DM, I take it non of those Pak36's (AP) are for sale. no offence meant !

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Hi rich,

No i am sorry for some of them i have been looking a long time. Nowadays most of them are not common any more.


DM 53

Just new on here so I though I would start with a picture of my 3,7cm Pak shells.

Hi DM 53
Yes the internet makes the world a very small place. I just thought it was time I branched out a bit.

From another topic but very true of Stiegr is that the Pzgr40 of the 3,7 cm has another crimp ( like most of the arrowhead cases) see attached pics of the 3,7 cm and 5 cm
DM Stiel
Pictures of my Pak36 Pzgr40 "arrowhead" ordnance.
On left is pzgr40 ausf A projectile with wrong case. The case is std Pak36 6331/st. you see this alot.
On right is pzgr40 ausf B projectile with right case. The is less common.
I hope this is useful to people