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3.7cm pzgr40 (part 1)


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I have come to the conclusion that good condition 3.7cm pzgr40 shells complete with the correct case must be very rare.

After a few years I have managed to get to this stage which is why I call it "part 1". There is much room for improvement.

The pzgr40 Ausf B is the bakelite caped projectile while the Ausf A is an aluminum alloy cap.
The case is steel but unfortunately the headstamp is no longer present.



  • pzgr40 [1].jpg
    pzgr40 [1].jpg
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  • pzgr40 Ausf.B [2].JPG
    pzgr40 Ausf.B [2].JPG
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  • pzgr40 [3].JPG
    pzgr40 [3].JPG
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  • pzgr40 Ausf. A & B [4].JPG
    pzgr40 Ausf. A & B [4].JPG
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Nice collection SG.

Sorry i missed the original posting!:tinysmile_angry_t:

Keep looking as there is everything out there,it just takes luck and sometimes a lot of loot!


Thanks Waff.
I know what you mean about the price for things you really want.

Just try to find a 3.7cm Pak container with the internal parts.