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3 inch 20 cwt 77 mm

DM 53

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Hi there,

here my two 20 cwt rounds. Is there somebody who has more info and fotos of original projectiles= Or drwaings==

Best regards

DM 53
Hi Guys, Not sure if this pic is of any use, from a 1934 markings manual, regards, Tony.
This picture may also be of use, its from the 1936 text book of ammunition (N&M reprint).
If you want to buy a projectile then I'm open to offers on the one listed under 'swaps, 17 Pdrs'.
You can't blame a chap for trying!

Its also worth remembering that while the case sizes are the same for the 3\" 20 Cwt and 77 mm (76.2x420R) they not the same gun and fired different projectiles.
Hi chaps,

Here's a picture of my two 77mm Comet rounds. I believe the \"de-tuned\" 17PDR in the comet was a derivative of the 3inch 20CWT gun.

I'm still looking for and HE projectile to go into 77mm MkI case with HE marking...so if anyone has one...eitherway, the rounds below are:-

1944 77mm APCBC
1945 77mm APDS


Whilst its true that the O.Q.F 77mm was based around the 3 20 Cwt case, the ammunition was specific to the different guns. The Churchill 3inch Gun Carrier did use the 3 20 Cwt gun as its main, and only, armament.