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3 inch AP 25 Lb


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This is, as far as I know the Shot A.P. 25 lb. Mk I

Disaproved AP Shells for the 25 pounder gun have also been used.
Hi Jack
Is that the head of the rocket that was fired by amongst other aircraft the Typhoons?
3 inch A/C rockets with 25 lb. warheads have been used by the Hawker Typhoon, but mostly by Bristol Beaufighters against enemy submarines.
Hawker Typhoons have used mostly the HE 60 lb. SAP and the HE 60 Lb. “F” shell.

Other users (more or less) during WW2 where:
De Haviland Mosquito
Hawker Hurricane and Tempest
Supermarine Spitfire
Boeing Fortress
Consolidated Liberator
Vickers Wellington
Fairey Firefly and Swordfish
Grumman Tarpon/Avenger

There have been trials with Mustang fighters also.
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How were these deployed from larger aircraft like the Wellington, B17 and Liberator?
Hi Falcon

They were loaded onto rails under the wings - as on the 'smaller' aircraft. Don't forget the post-war aircraft - e.g. Venoms and Hunters, (the latter could carry a max of 24 rockets - on 8 rails with three rockets suspended from them in tiers)

As mentioned, Venoms and Hunters could carry 3 inch rockets, but also the post war Vampire, Hornet, Balliol, Meteor, Scimitar, Sea Vixen, Lightning and Canberra have used these rockets.

Also interesting is that during WW2 Typhoons have used so called “duplex saddle” configurations. The two first rockets from the fuselage where in pairs. The aircraft could carry 12 rockets (4 x 2 + 4 x 1) instead of 8. Operational test have been carried out in August 1944. Only 590 rockets in duplex saddle configuration have been fired by 2nd TAF.


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Attachment to tube.

Here another AP shell.

Any Live or Dug ordnance shown by me has been disposed of by military EOD personnel .

The holes visible are for the studs to fit through from the screwed collar (as seen on the base of the projectile) in order to attach the rocket motor tube to the screw.