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3 inch Howitzer


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Hi all,

Does anyone have any information about the ordnance from the British 3 Inch Howitzer used commonly in a close support role, firing HE and Smoke. The gun was installed in various WW2 tanks, including early Churchill's, Valentines, Crusaders etc.

Did it share its ordnance with any other guns? so that I can look them up to find out more about the ordnance.? i.e. was its lineage from another gun, such as the 3inch-20CWT or QF 13 Pounder??

I am asking this, as I have an empty 3inch CS case (76.2x134R), that I would like to fill with a smoke or HE projectile...which in turn means i need to know what it looks like.


Cheers Rich
A screenshot from the Youtube preview (low resolution) of the fairly recent book "Firing Now" by Dick Taylor.


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