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3" Mortar Packaging


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Does anyone have any information on the boxes that these came in? I know there was 4 types but I'm not sure why.

4 types of rounds (HE, Smoke, Chemical, Practice) were contained in boxes B166, B162, B161 or B160

Smoke observing, Chemical and Star were contained in B173

B160 20.5" x 14" x 10.7"
B161 20.5" x 14" x 10.7"
B162 21.1" x 10.75" x 14.8"
B166 19.8" x 9.1" x 13"
B173 21.9" x 9" x 13.2"

All boxes contained 6 rounds so it could have been any of them.

I've just found out that these carriers were dated 1945 and introduced after 1943 which is the date of my information. Box B167 contained 2 of the carriers
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Do these look like originals or copies? I've just offered someone 30 for it all.
These containers were part of the "Jungle pack" (later known as the "universal pack") that came into use in late 44 . The 2 inch mortar carriers also came in Box B167, tho the internal dividers were altered and the box re-designated B167 A Mk 1