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30-06 shell casings Soringfield

I had previously started a thread about this but could not find the damn thing. I have 3 30-06 stripper clips. In the first clip the headstamps read 30-06 SPRG R-P. in the second clip the headstamps read FA 37nm (maybe Frankford Arsenal?) and in the 3rd clip the headstamps read FA 37. Can someone help with information on these casings? anything at all appreciated..Dano (P.S. would liked to have made pics of headstamps, but too tall an order with my camera) Heading should have said Springfield


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Hey Dano..

30-06 SPRG R-P = commercial 30-06 Remington-Peters (1977-present)
FA 37nm = Frankford Arsenal national match 1937
FA 37 = Frankford Arsenal 1937