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30 X 130 Aden type round query


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Attached is a 30 X 130 Aden type round next to a normal 30 x 111 Aden.
I got this from a very reliable source some years ago who said it was a pre engraved projectile.
I've shown some close up photos of the driving band - there doesn't appear to be a lot of angle to the rifling.
Any of you experts out there have any thoughts on this one? It is listed in the cartridge listings but I can't find out any more information on it.
Not to be confused with the more common 30 X 126 that you see around.
All inert/hole in the backs etc.


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I am not sure how the shell would line up with the rifling at the speed an ADEN feeds rounds, but the straight rifling would figure.

The ADEN has a progressively rifled barrel and the rifling starts out straight and then increases in twist. This method prevents stripping of the driving band.

Maybe if it is a pre-engraved shell it was meant to be single loaded in a test barrel, but that seems a bit odd.

Thanks Tony, that's a bit of information I didn't know about the Aden and explains it.