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30 X 172 apds cutaway


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Attached is a photo of a 30mm apds round. It came with the plastic tube when I got it. Does anyone know what the tube is for? Is it for transport from the factory or is it to do with the loading of the round from the feed mechanism of the gun?


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    30 X 172 cutaway.JPG
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Hi Dave,
your round is destined for use in the Dutch Goalkeeper system (using GAU-8).
This is an early type made by NWM de Kruithoorn, later they called it MPDS (Missile Piercing Discarding Sabot) and the projectile turned from a white projectile into a red projectile.
The sleeve is used for loading the rounds into the system. The sleeves are attached to each other by a nylon cord. I`ve never seen the orange sleeves, but I do have white ones (USAF for A-10) in my collection.
If you have a orange one spare , please let me know!.

Regards, Cornman
Hi thanks for the information, that's great, and also explains all the bits of nylon that were in with the rounds, there is one in the photo.

I'll ask the guy I had it off if he has any more of the plastic cases, there were about 6 white ones and 6 orange ones at one time.

Hi Dave,

>I'll ask the guy I had it off if he has any more of the plastic cases<

Thanks, would be very much appreciated!

Regards, Cornman