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.303" blank again!


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Hello everyone,
Can anyone help with any information on this .303" blank in my collection as it has much flatter profile of the rose crimp,would this have a specific use or just a manufacturing variance? I have examples of .303" blanks dating from 1909 onwards & this is the only one I have come across,the head stamp is two broad arrows E 12 VII
As one of the broad arrows has overstamped the E(Eley) would this be a prime case(pun intended!) for a reason for a ball case being used for a blank cartridge?

Cheers Tony
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The flattened style of the crimp is only a manufacturing variation, and quite common on Eley blanks.

Also, the fact that the arrow covers the "E" is not cause for the use of the case as a blank. The two broad arrows were stamped on all contractors cases that were accepted into government service between 1907 and 1914. Presumably it was stopped then because it was another stage of manufacture/acceptance that would have slowed wartime production.

There could be a number of reasons for the case being used as a blank, but it is usually impossible to tell. It could be something as simple as an overun on case production.

However, Eley did have a difficult relationship with the War Office and had lost all their government contracts between about 1900 and 1908 due to quality issues.

Many thanks TonyE,
Another one cleared up for me! I think I can have a serious attempt to catalogue my collection now!
Cheers Tony