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.303 Blanks


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Here`s 3 blanks I have,is the one on the right with the L5Z headstamp common?


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Hi Zwerge,
Yes, it's fairly common over here in the UK, so ought to be a lot more common in the country that it was made in! Blanks were made in such large numbers that most of the later types are readily available, although it could be that certain headstamps within those types may be scarcer than others (but don't ask me which ones for the Canadian blanks)!
The L Mark V blank was used throughout the British and Commonwealth military from the turn of the century until after WW2, with the nitro-cellulose loaded L.Vz being introduced in the latter years.

Britain introduced the L.9z in the late 1950s and this was virtually identical to the L.Vz, and there seems no logical reason for the change in nomenclature other than that it was loaded with Ballistite instead of NC. Canada did not make the L9z, introducing instead her own version, the Blank, L. CDN. Mark I, which you show in the centre of your picture. This seems to have been introduced around 1955 and was similarly given a new designation because a special powder was used. After that there seems to have been a reversion to the L5z in Canada with the last examples being made in 1958.

None of these blanks are particularly scarce in the UK, but they make an interesting collection at the end of the life of the .303.

Please post your 9mm blanks as these are another intersting field.