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303 collecting


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Hi, I am trying to sort out all of my 303 ammo I have collected over the last 45 years I have thousands of rounds and want to put them in some sort of order but dont want to keep to many of the same type what is the best way to do it, do i keep just one of that particular headstamp or a clip of five or all of the dates for that make and how to display them is another problem has anybody got any idea's and put me at ease as i am pulling my hair out trying to sort that lot out.

It is a personal thing really.

Mainly for reasons of space, I do not collect chargers full and do not collect every date.

I try to get one of every manufacturer for every load they made, and generally the first and last dates of production for each manufacturer/load. I do collect dates for each manufacturer for WWI rounds because that is a particular interst for me.

It is also very satisfying to get every Mark within a load type, but extremely difficult to do so. I have managed it for Drill rounds (Marks I to 10 plus the Naval versions and the BPD cadet drill) and for tracers (R^L, VIIT, VIIG, Marks I to 8 plus PG.I) but no other load.

As for storage, I use "Bisley" steel office cabinets with the narrow drawers and have some special inserts for cartridges that were available back in the 1970s. I do not use corrugated cardboard as this affects the brass.

I will post some pictures later.

Thanks Tony, it sounds as if you have done well in your collecting and congratulate you I like the idea of the filling cabinets for storage but where do i put that its all to do with space and i look forward to seeing the pictures.