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303 heAD STAMP


I have passed down to me two clips of 303 ammo
the head stamps show
rl thats royal laboratories woolwich
the bottom is stamped dvl

stumped help
meny thanks
royal laboratory drill mk 6

The D mark was introduced for drill rounds in 1928 so your rounds will date sometime after that
sorry cant tell you much more ,only know this myself because i had some a while back
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Meny thanks
can i pick your brains

my grandfather was given a full millitary funeral and these were presented at the end
any ideas

info very sketchy
sorry Postggi ,i dont know the answer to this,but i would assume it was as a sign of respect from his regiment,,hopefully someone else will know for definate
ive done some more digging
it was recorded the millitary funeral in the local paper

my grandfather was charlie humphries of the ox and bucks light infentry

the officer at the funeral as recorded
major mead (maude) dont know why thats in brackets
thing was he re-enlisted after being in the researve
then given a cat c medical
died 40 days later of a blood clot

its a real mystery the whole thing

just trying to find out as its part of family history.

by the way

ime ex green jackets so ox and bucks has a special meaning to me