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.303 Wooden packing crate


BOCN Contributor
This case was bought by an uncle of mine probably back in the 1960's. When he bought it it was full of ammunition, which was his interest rather than the case.

Interesting little thing, isn't it? Note the great construction.


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Nice clean example of an H. 51 Do you still have the tin liner that came inside it?

I can tell you the date exactly, it is stencilled on the box! RG15.12.54E is the Date of Work of the ammo.

Your H51 contained .303 Ball Mark 7 cartridges in 50 round bandoleers and the ammunition was made at ROF Radway Green on 15th December 1954.

You might find the manufacture date of the box on the base. Mine dosen't have it but you might be lucky.
The inscription on the bottom reads:

SV 41A
VH 53


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I'll take a guess and say its a 1953 manufactured and VH is the maker. Thats a guess though.

The SV number is a bit more obscure and I've made enquiries about it but not had a satifactory answer. I was told by people that work in the MoD that it indicates the packaging used inside the box. This explanation doesnt make sense to me because one box can be used for lots of different types of ammunition, each using its own packaging. What makes sense to me though is that it is a part number used just like any other part number. You dont see Nato Stock Numbers on modern boxes, containers or packaging so i think it is an throwback to the pre NSN codification system. This is only my own supposition though so don't quote me. :deal: