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So there is one in service if it has been issued aa Lno. ?!

Text below taken off Rheinmetall's site.

Does anyone know what ammunition L20 is ????

Meriting special mention here is the APFSDS-T 30mm Rarden round (L21A1), which features Rheinmetall components. This innovative ammunition is based on proven Rheinmetall sub-calibre technology. Completely inert and entirely non-toxic, the round displays outstanding ballistic characteristics thanks to its sabot. Its extremely resilient long-rod penetrator, made of tungsten alloy, is effective against all known and anticipated types of armour, even at glancing angles of impact and long ranges of engagement. At a range of 1,000 metres, it can penetrate a 50 millimetre steel armour plate (RHA) at 60 Degrees NATO obliquity. This significantly enhances the combat effectiveness of the Warrior infantry fighting vehicles now in service, some 800 of which are currently armed with Rarden cannon.
L21A1 is the official designation for the Rarden gun, so I suspect some confusion here.

The ammo is avalable but has not yet been bought by the army, I understand. They have other spending priorities at the moment...