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30mm RG 53


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Hello, first time poster, but not into collecting as yet - just a query on my first item.
Recently when cleaning a grandparents house I came accross the following case


and I was wondering if anybody could help me pin it down to a gun or anything more than I have already. As i'm new to the collecting/research, its all a bit of a guess, but I think 30mmR.G.53 (on the rim) indicates 30mm - Royal Orderinance Factory, Radway Green - 1953, is this correct?

Does anybody have any infomation possibly as to the origin of this, conflicts it would have been used in, gun it would have been fired from etc? My grandfather served in WW2 in Burma, but if its from 1953 its not from there :p , so I have no idea how the family has come into ownership of it.

All help greatley appreciated.
30mm Aden cannon, used in just about every RAF fighter aircraft from around 1950 to 1980s. The Aden is a revolver cannon developed from the German MK213C after the war. The case was originally 30 x 86B and was known as the Aden Low Velocity. It was subsequently developed to the current 30 x 113B High velocity case. It was also developed as the DEFA in France.

Development of the gun has continued and there is now a 25mm ADEN and the cartridge has been again lengthened for use in cannon and helicopter guns, most notably for the AH-64 Apache.

A very brief summary but hope it helps,
Early cases from Radway Green bear only the makers intials (RG) and the date the case was manufactured (53 as in 1953) there was no other identification on the cases to distinguish what the round actually was.
Only after a few accidents due to miss identification of rounds was it decided to put on the case what the projectile was ie Prac 2Z, 4Z, HE 3Z etc etc and this I believe started about 1957.
So the case you have could have been any type of current issue projectile.
Only "experimental" rounds reverted to the original design bearing only the makers initials and date of production.
See the example of a standard production case.
Thank you very much for your speedy replies.
To be honest, I had figured that could be the only case that fitted mine (from countless searching on google), but the lengeth was the one thing that really bothered me. Mine (and I have 2 of them to compare) is around 110mm, but if you try and measure 113 against it, it is obviously shorter, 2-3mm shorter. The only mention I can find of something around 110 was a french version of this case, but obviously it wouldnt have RG on it then would it? The base itself seems 32-34mm wide as well. As I said, i'm new to all of this, but I'm just saying it like I sees it :)

Also, on pictures like http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/MCRel4.jpg the 30x113b seens to have a line round it on the neck of it, and this again through me, as its obvious that the cases I have, don't.

Don't know if this is enough for you guys to venture more/different info, I just wanted to be sure. Thanks again :)
Believe us, the case you have is a 30mm ADEN!. The picture on Tony William's site is of an unfired round and the projectile securing cannelure (the ring you refer to) is more pronounced. Also, his photo looks like it is a (French?) steel case. Britain only used brass cases for service use, although experimental alumunium cases were made in both low velocity and high velocity cases.

The diameter of the base is irrelevent to the calibre. The calibre of 30mm is that of the projectile (and roughly that of the case neck).

I don't know why yours should measure 110mm in length, btu the photo looks normal length to me.
Interesting post. I measured two fired Aden cases in my collection and they came out at 111mm.

Now clearly the official title for the case is 30x113B so why the disparity?

I know very little about cannon rounds so I just ask to broaden my knowledge.


A line drawing from British aircraft armament Vol 2 by R Wallace Clarke. case dimensions stated as:

Case length 111.2 mm.
Rim diameter 33.3 mm.
Belt diameter 33.7 mm.
Overall length of round 199.0 mm.

Kainen wrote:
Twas only a question TonyE, just wanted to be sure tis all.


Sorry, did not mean to sound hissy! Too many difficult customers at work today!

Quatermass - interesting post. As I only collect up to 15mm I have never measured the several Aden cases I have lying around as pencil pots etc.I will see what I can find out.