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30mm TP


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Projectile marked in white stencil TP 18.2.72 Oe Case head stamped
004 76
Is it German?


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Oerlikon ammunition is Swiss based. The case looks to be the standard "Oerlikon" green. I'm not up on that headstamp.
Interesting.And here I was thinking the Swiss were a kind gentle,hot chocolate with marshmallows kind of people.""Relax please!!! Just having a little fun!!!""This 30mm is almost as heavy as a certain other round I have thats abnormally heavy.Thanks for the info sir.
I'm no headstamp expert but AFAIK "Oe" indicates Swiss Oerlikon manufacture.

The round appears to be a 30x170, originally developed by Hispano Suiza for their HS 831 AA gun, later renamed the Oerlikon KCB when HS was taken over by Oerlikon. Early versions were brass-cased, as are the British Rarden AFV gun rounds which use the same case dimensions.
MR is Manurhin located in france, so it seems that the projectile is manufactured by oerlikon and the case in France.