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30x170mm - New bigger cabinet needed


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The next four photos are of the collection about eight months ago before reorganisation and shows a bit more of which is now waiting for a larger cabinet.
Nice charlie...second to last photo bottom shelf ,centre back..what are thos two silver items ..some sort of armourers tool ???
Here it is Charlie

Sorry about the paint job but it is as near to its original as I could get-item is beach recovered and 99% straight !
Bigger cabinet needed again! Think it's time to build a purpose built one.:tinysmile_shy_t: and buy a decent camera...


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Nice one !

Very nice indeed Charlie.
The camera is fine as those pics came out loud and clear with good detail.

That is a very comprehensive collection.
That's what I call a beautifull collection!!
Thanks for posting these very interesting pics.
Do you collect Rarden ammo only?

Regards , DJH

@ Spotter : they look like a set of "Go / no go" gauges, also called accept/reject gauges.
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Thanks R & DJH. I used to only collect Rarden, but about a month ago decided to collect all 30x170mm ammo. (Got my first Rarden round 09.2004)

There must be 50 odd rounds not shown in the photos only because i really do need another cabinet. Been drawing up some plans today so will see how my woodwork skils are next week lol.