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30x170MM Oerlikon Experimental AA Tank


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Just recieved 5 luvleys from MT-LB, thanks Erik.

5 examples from the Rheinmetall trails for the new AA Tank for the Bundeswehr in the early 60s. The Rheinmetall design was called Matador but was canceled because the Germans wanted the Contraves Radar, but that alone was not availabe, so they had to adopt the 35mm Gepard.

Any more info on these would be appreciated.



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Not quiet your usual Rarden items Charlie but they are very nice indeed !

The fourth from the left looks remarkably like the original Hispano 30 MM API/HC rounds made during the 60's excepting the length of the nose cap wich appears to be longer !
Thanks for your comments all.

I know Chris, but not having bought a round for about six months i was getting withdrawal symptoms lol and as KCB rounds are authorised for use in the Rarden i'm now going to collect all 30x170mm ammo :) and theres the bonus of a whole new load of more info to learn.
So why do you say Swiss mate, fyi they are are all experimental and hand marked.


The "EX" is German for "dummy" or "drill" and the rounds were obviously life samples before and have been inerted. These by the way came from Diehl Nrnberg sources and not from Rheinmetall.
The blue, the black and the two with hand applied "EX" are regular projectiles and the markings on them are Swiss.