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30x170mm Rarden Box from Rrickoshae


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Will post a photo later, but as these have been recently painted out and not fully hardened, just wanted to let everyone that bought one know that gentle rubbing with loo roll and surgical spirit (get it from the chemists) removes the white paint.

Ok, First pic is of the first box of rounds and had yellow paint. The sticker was solvent proof. The second and third photos are of the second box and had white paint covering it. This was slightly harder than the yellow and the sticker wasn't solvent proof, but you can still see the pick on it. Better than covered in white paint anyway in my view.
Don't just soak a cloth in surgical spirit and rub away because you'll take the writing with it. Soak 3 pieces of loo roll folded up and press the area to be cleaned. You only want to do about a 2cm square at a time. Leave to soak for 30 seconds or so and with one firm wipe most of the white paint comes off. Try not to repeat more than 3 times otherwise the writing will come off.



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Nice clean up !

Very nice clean up Charlie-now you have a container for some of your goodies to go in-or will you buy some more to fill it ????:tinysmile_shy_t:
LOL, thanks Chris. They came full, so i'll just have to find some more containers and then have to find more rounds to fill them :)
Nice job of getting the writing off. I had some 7.62 boxes that had been painted over in brown, but any of my attempts to remove the paint failed. I got rid of them eventually with some other stuff I sold.
L17A1 (not A480 as I said in a previous post :p)

The reason boxes and markings are painted out is so that those pesky civilian collectors don't have a reason to collect them :tinysmile_cry_t3:. If sent to scrap, lids are removed and rope handles are removed. A liberal application of a 2lb lump hammer also spoils the aesthetics.

Current favorite methods seem to include road marking aerosols, matt black and gloss Service Brown No2. If you are lucky you will get a box like the ones in the pictures with paint that is relatively easy to remove.