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35 Pounder?


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I have heard that there is such thing as a 35 Pounder gun, which took a case.

Does anyone have an example of the case, or a drawing of one with dimensions?
35 or 32?

Dont know about 35 but there was a 32 pounder,which i dont think went into service,theres an example of the tank with gun at Bovington.Tony.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t

If its any help Hoggs book on British & American artillery has a bit on a 32pr gun including that it used a 32lb APBC shot, seperate loading parallel sided brass case 35.8in long. The gun system was abandoned after trials.
Maybe it was a 32 Pounder then, I couldn't be sure.

I suppose it is very unlikely that a case could be found if it was only ever an experimental gun.
32 PDR case

Hi Falcon,There was an auction at Cotees in Wareham, Dorset recently,and i was told that a 32 Pdr case sold there by Dave(Rickoshae). It did not fetch much,but i believe it was a general auction,not militaria. Must have been worth 250+ for something this rare.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
So does anyone out there have a 32pdr case or projectile...I for one havnt seen one, and would like to.

Even an old picture would be good. :tinysmile_fatgrin_t