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35 x 228 Oerlikon SAPHE


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Attached are a few photos of an Oerlikon SAPHE round. All inert and unfortunately the fuze is missing but you get the general idea.
Has anyone got a sectioned one they can show that gives a good idea of what the fuze would look like?



  • 31 Oct 09 035.jpg
    31 Oct 09 035.jpg
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  • 31 Oct 09 036.jpg
    31 Oct 09 036.jpg
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Nice bullet!

I think I saw DJ Harms heading out to the shop with a hacksaw.
Thanks John.
I've just got a feeling he's already got one, lets hope so, I'd like to know what it should look like.
Her's the cutaway model.
Regards, DJH


  • 35x228 APHE-T.JPG
    35x228 APHE-T.JPG
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Dave, just for contrast I've sent you a pic of a sectioned based-fuze Oerlikon 35mm proj, which has a thinner nose and a lot more HE.