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37 X 145 steel case.


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I'm just after confirmation on this one.

I've seen plenty of 37 X 145 Cobra cases in brass.........but this one is steel.
No headstamp but there's been plenty of stencling on the base. Difficult to make out but can see:

Is this right? Did they use steel cases much in the Cobra?

Did they use the usual loading?



  • Steel Cobra 37 X 145 case 001.jpg
    Steel Cobra 37 X 145 case 001.jpg
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  • Steel Cobra 37 X 145 case 002.jpg
    Steel Cobra 37 X 145 case 002.jpg
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Thanks John.
Do the steel cases take the same types of projectile?
Yes they do

Have a look at my album one is shown with the original projectile , practice with an orange M56 fuze. These steel cases were not for overseas use, I believe they expected a brass shortage in 1943 as all of the steel cases seem to be made that year, but it was back to brass in 44. I do wonder about steel 105mm Howitzer cases being limited to North America though. I have not seen a 1944 37x92 U.S. case how ever.

how far down are the crimps on your case ?
Thanks Gordon that's great.
The case doesn't have any crimps - don't think its ever been loaded - the inside is certainly very clean.
I have a dummy round with a steel case. It is loaded with a TP projectile, braced by a wooden filling piece (visible through a hole in the case side). See pic below:

Check it with a magnet

I have one like that and it's actually brass with some kind of plating !
Well, I'll be....I've just checked mine with a magnet, and you're right - it isn't magnetic! It looked so much like steel that for all these years I've just assumed that it was :rolleyes: