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37 x 152 Nordenfeld


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Attached are a few photos of a 37 x 152 Nordenfeld case. Rim diameter is 48mm.

The projectile came with it and is a very tight fit so I have not pushed it into the case. The projectile is 140mm long.

The side of the projectile is stamped No 1077.

If anyone has any further information about this round I would be interested in hearing from them:
What gun it was used in
What the base fuze looked like
Years of manufacture (I'm assuming its about 1900?)
Is it the correct projectile for the case (I note that if the projectile was pushed all the way into the case the crimping groove would be below the neck line, perhaps it would not go all the way in as with the 37x57 Austrian round?)



  • 37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 1.JPG
    37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 1.JPG
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  • 37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 2.JPG
    37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 2.JPG
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  • 37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 3.JPG
    37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 3.JPG
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  • 37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 4.JPG
    37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 4.JPG
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  • 37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 5.JPG
    37 x 152 R Nordenfeld 5.JPG
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Is it perhaps 38mm ?

I don't see the Nordenfelt groove around the primer, but I'm not expert on these at all, others should know much more.

Your projectile is very like one made for Norway for a 37x307r case, a Hotchkiss type, but the projectiles in your pattern are supposed to be 131mm in length.
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Thanks Gordon, I was going by the case base measurements and length of case and this compared with a Nordenfelt case size, the rim seems right being slightly sloping but again I'm not an expert on this old stuff and the primer is a good point, if its wrong then that raises a question.
What's the 37x307r case look like - have you any drawings/photos?