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37 X 70 Mk III aircraft gun rounds.


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Attached is a photo of a sectioned Mk III aircraft gun round next to a complete one. Its quite unusual in that its still got the gain which is shown in section (most of the ones I've seen have that part missing).

(No I didn't do this one, that's how it came, if I'd tried it would probably have been an expensive mistake).

All INERT etc.



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    30 June 09 014.jpg
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Very nice! The sectioning does show a lot of interesting features!
Does anyone have

The penetrating/base fused version of this round to post an image ? Also does any one have a photo of the Gun, I've never seen one ? I suspect your cutaway is a real one from the time, these are just too costly to slice up.
No photo, but there's a drawing in Woodman's book on WW1 aircraft armament, and in the book on the same topic by Emmanuel Gustin and myself as well.

I'm away from my sources at the moment, but if you don't have either of those I'll scan it for you later.
Thanks John.
Gordon, there's a line drawing of the gun in Hogg and Thurstons book "British Artillery Weapons and ammunition 1914-1918 on pages 24-25 (no photo though).
Here is my round and a photo with its cousin.


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