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37mm AP shell???


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i have shell which i can not identify.

cal: 37mm
cartridge lenght: 95mm
round lenght: 80mm
catridge bottom diameter: 42mm

origin is as i suppose from wwII (german or russian)

any idea?


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Looks WW1 era 37mm ,im a bit confused by the country of origin as it appears to have a french flaming grenade ordnance stamp,but when i look up EP i find EP is Ecole Pyrotechnique of Antwerp..Belgian made for French government ?? Im sure some of the other members wo collect these 37mm will be able to give a positive id.....
there is a lot of info on the different 37mm at this link which may also help you http://www.histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-21org/37CRTR/37-Divers.htm
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It is WW1 French

It is the Model 1916 AP solid shot introduced to deal with German armored loop holes and such. Used with the 1916 37mm cannon and the Renault Tank etc.

your casing might be post ww1, if you clean the bottom I can get a better idea. Is the base of the projectile solid or does it have a threaded hole ?

see images~


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37mm AP

I'm not sure where you found this, but it points to the use of the French 37mm 1916 cannon as used by infantry having been in service in your country. The casing being a post ww1 re-primed case would indicate this round was in use in the 20s & 30s. And maybe during the war by underground forces. Something to look into.
Gspragge, hope you received mail with full res photos.

Shell is found near Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina so I have done a little homework in the library yesterday.
Base point of the research is that during WWI Serbia fought on the same side with France, while Bosnia was occupied by Austro-Hungarian Empire.
At the beginning of war, Serbian forces are forced to withdraw to Albania and Greece where were regrouped and reequipped mostly by French weaponry in which was included Canone d'Infanterie 37 modele 1916 TRP (for which i think mentioned shell was), and then directed to the Salonica front.
At the end of wwi Serbian forces entered in the Bosnia and Herzegovina chasing Austro-Hungarian army. After wwi Bosnia and Herzegovina was included in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians which later become Kingdom Yugoslavia.
Part of French equipment remained in the Yugoslav Royal Army for some time, and France was providing sustained help to Yugoslavia as its allie.
I suppose that origin of this shell can be traced in facts i have enlisted above.
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