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37mm Baton Rounds


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Here is a 37mm Police Baton Round does anybody have any more information about it?

AEP L60A1 Impact Round

Case: Aluminium
Markings: ROUND, 37 MM AEP, L60A1, PSH/0307/007
Headstamp: 7967
Note: Current Police Issue Anti Riot Round

AEP = Attenuated Energy Projectile

I have several of these AEP L60A1 projectiles up for swaps, if anybody is interested contact me using PM.


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Tony W,
Thanks, your article 'Less-lethal Ammunition' has answered most of my questions regarding the 37 mm & 1.5 inch baton rounds.

Here are other baton rounds in my collection. Would you know what the markings mean?

Case: 1.5 in Aluminium
Markings: A/RIOT, BATON
Headstamp: 12/71 FPL
Projectile: Rubber
Year: 1971

Case 1.5 in Aluminium
Markings: ROUND A RIOT, 1.5 IN BATON MR, L5A5, ZZZ 09-96 351
Headstamp: AEL 8/96
Projectile: Polyurethane
Year: 1996

Case: 1.5 in Aluminium
Markings: PROOF, Round A-RIOT 1-5 IN L4A2, 2 SPRA 10-72
Headstamp: 9/72 FPL
Projectile: Polyurethane
Year: 1972
Note: SPRA (Schermuly Pistol Rocket Apparatus) is now PWD (Pains Wessex Defence)


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Proof, L4A2 & L5A5

Does anybody know what the markings: PROOF, L4A2 & L5A5 stand for?

What would the L designator for Round 1 the Rubber Bullet dated 1971 be?
"Proof" means a high-pressure load used to test the strength of the gun.

The L numbers are the official British Army designations for military equipment of a particular type. So the first baton round would presumably have been the L1A1 (although not all given L numbers necessarily see service). A slight modification would make it L1A2 etc, while a major change in the design would produce the L2A1 and so on.

That's how it's supposed to work anyway. Don't ask me why they jumped from the L21A1 to the L60A1 :tinysmile_eyebrow_t