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37mm Flak Drill Round ?


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I was sent these images,

" Overall length 12" case is 10" brass case with iron base, a screw in primer, with the marking 37RhS.C/ 13 nA 284.

On the iron head base... 108 1937 the German eagle sign, 382 6331/67
Then looks like 37cm and three other letters on the bottom but too hard to read! "

What exactly is it. I was also asked what it was worth. ?
Any assistance appreciated.

Not the kind I am familiar with~

A pic would be a big help. If this is a drill - which I doubt - it would normally have some grooves around the case near the base
From the description it sound like an early 3.7cm Pak 36 case, the type with a steel base and brass body (37x250R).

6331 is the case code for the Pak 36.
I forgot the image !

Here it is


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Pippy long casings

That's a beauty Gordon, I do so like the long shell casings as it makes for an eye popping assembly. I have zip for information, merely an observation
As Quatermass said a nice 2 piece 3.7cm Pak case.

There is something wrong about the projectile. It would need a closer picture and even better if could be pictured without the case.
some discribtion !!

The code RHS.C stands for manufaturer,, Rheinmetall ,,
n.A stands for neue Art new Design or new shape
287 should be the manufacturing slot
the 1937 should be the manufacturing year !!

and yes 6331 is the code for PAK ( Panzer Abwehr Kanone ) Anti tank gun

more i dont now maybe it helps !!

best regards David
Mystery (rubbish) Projectile

I saw it, the projectile appears to be a M80 or M74 type pushed in too far. The band must be off as the casing is not bulged out.