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37mm French Projectile Markings


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I have a (Presumably) French 37mm Mle. 1885 AP projectile. Between the driving bands it is marked "K 101". What do these markings mean?

Thanks in advance for any info.
"Mle. 1885" was the best I could come up with, even though that was the model of the cartridge.

Do you know anything about the markings?
The 37 -85

Is the model of the Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon the casing was made for originally. This is for the French Navy. At that time there was no solid AP shot in service. In 1916 with the issue of the 37mm Infantry Gun the solid shot was introduced to deal with the German armored shields used in the trenches. The designation on the casing stayed the same as the Navy was still using the Revolving Cannon. P. D. Ps is for Pichard Denys Paris who made these casings.