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37mm French ??


This is another round that my Grandfather brought back , I think its French?


On the nose is an anchor with G40716 , and the base has PDPs 37-85 82 21 18 , the casing is beat up on the bottom kinda hard to read.
Yes this is French,

37-85 Is the model of gun it was used with

PDPs is the maker's mark. The case was made by a company called Pinchart Denis, Paris.

82 and 21 are lot numbers.

18 is the date (1918).

Sorry, I can't help with the markings on the nose fuze.

PS good to see another Megadeth fan around here.

Desmarest type.

G40716 this reads as ; The G is an L (these are not always well stamped)
Lot 407 16 = 1916 Anchor = marine even though issued to the Army.

The projectile model is the Mle. 1888
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