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37mm Restoration


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Here is a photo of some 37mm rounds I restored. I made a steel bushing to resize the necks to hold the projectiles properly. It worked really well, the necks are resized and the projectiles are a proper fit. The first two in the picture were really rough when I got them, but they resized really well.

I also made a replacement primer cap for the French one (the pointed nosed one) from turned brass rod. It is a bit shiny it the moment but should darked. The notch in was cut out of the rim when I got the shell. No idea as to why it was done. It can be seen in the photo of the headstamp at around the 10 O'Clock position.

They are: (from left to right):

37x101SR German Sockelflak, for a small semi-automatic cannon designed for use as air defence by Zeppelins, but used in the ground role as well.

37x94R British "1 Pounder" for the Hotchkiss revolving cannon.

37x94R French "Mle. 1885" for the Hotchkiss revolving cannon.


Replacement primer cap in the French one:

Hi Falcon,
You have done a nice job sorting out the necks on those cases, can you give me a bit more info on how you managed to do that. I have a few cases that are a loose fit that just sit in a spares pile, would be good to sort them out.
Best Weasel.
The VSM 1pdr.

It cleaned well, but you have it too far into the case, The bottom of the lower band on the projectile should rest on top of the case, the crimp indents line up with the groove in the projectile. It is for the Maxim 1pdr. The British did not use the Revolving cannon. The French one is the Model 1916 solid Shot for the 37mm Infantry gun, it could be fired in any of the French 37mm guns in service. It was brought into use to deal with the German Trench shields and such.
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