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37mm US M16


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Hi can anyone give me a pos id on this shell and projectile and any pictures ,the projectile was in a sorry state when i got it ,it was my first big shell many years ago and only cost me 18

On the base it reads 37mm M16sc 1942 the driving bands on the projectile were steel and not copper.
Looks to be a US 37mm AP round.

Mine has a copper driving band though.

Thanks andyd thats a relief to me knowing some of the shells that were not what i thought or were sold to me as.
Thanks for that spotter my projectile is solid steel if i remember theres no base fuze or anything could it be maybe a target practice ???
Hi Daz,

Its a US 37mm round in M16 Case with M74 AP-T projectile.

Its kind of equivalent to the std British 2PDR AP round.
The 37mm US AP round that you tend to see more of has the M51 AP (APCBC), This would be more common to the British 2PDR APCBC, which is pretty rare..

Ill send pics in a mo

Andysarmoury is right, thats an excellent site for US 37mm ammo......wouldnt it be nice if Tony Williams added US, Russian and French ammunition...hint hint

...and as always, I know Pzgr40 has some stunning sections, wont post his pics, cos they're not mine

Thanks all I still have not solved the problem of that mine is all solid with no base fuze and has steel driving bands help anyone??
Hi Daz it sounds as if its been made up on a lathe i have seen a few in my time and even done it my self when i could not find a proper one, :) AA
If it was made on a lathe it was made a long time ago as it was covered in rust and had the remains of black paint and somesort of white stenciling when i got it ,also its quite a common shell not to expensive either i dont know why anyone would go to the trouble hmm
'Fraid I have to agree with Andy, this is a mock up turned on a lathe. The projectile may not have been so readily available years ago, and someone with the machinery in the business could have easily turned this up. :( BD