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3in howitzer ??


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I got this 3in shell dated 1944, but it's for 3in howitzer or for other gun??
thanks in advance
best regards
Hi Fert,

I geuss this is indeed one for the 3 inch HOW. I have only seen them but have no drawings or other documents about them

DM 53
Thats a lovely shell fert, it certainly looks like the Q.F. 3-in close support howitzer H.E.

I've never seen one in the 'flesh' a very rare and desirable piece of kit.

Just wait for the offers to buy it from you come flooding in! (you could always give me first refusal:laugh: )

thank you very much guys
in Italy was very used, but till now only case..... it's the 1st I see as well....
another question, what are the differences between 3in HOW and 3in 20cwt AA shell??
thanks again
best regards