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3in Mortar Augmenting charge Question


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Today one of the teams found a 3 in mortar with the augmenting charges still attatched,I managed to get hold of one after it had been emptied,not in best of condition after 60+ years in the ground but i guess it was lucky to have survived at all.Anyway when it was given to me it was in bits ive seen drawings of these but none show how the small celluloid cap is fitted..does it go in the tube or fit over the outside ,can anyone advise please ..thanks allan
Please note it is empty and packed with cardboard to retain its original shape


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From "weapons of the WW2 tommy"
"these augmenting charges are attatched to the tail unit between the fin blades when needed for increased shot distance,Four designations are used to identify the different charges
Charge primary--primary launching cartridge only
Charge short--primary launching cartridge and a single augmenting charge
Charge I--primary launch cartridge and three augmenting charges
Charge II--primary launch cartridge and six augmenting charges

miniumum shot distance with the lightest charge was 125 yards and maimum shot distance was 2800 yards with a full launching charge.Time to target was 20 seconds for charge I and 30 seconds for charge II"

we attended a mortar mis fire a couple of years ago and the round (60mm) had been fired without any augmentation charges it landed about 30 meters from the firing point must have been a twitchy moment for the mortar crew as they saw it land just in front of them
Pretty sure the closing cap is attached inside.


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Thanks bombmonki, i also managed to find a piece of one today and can confirm the cap is inside as per your drawings....spotter