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3in mortar converted for the Smith Gun


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Hi Guys, good to be back, shame about the pics, thought I would post this as a start. As there was a post about the myth of being able to fire 2\" mortars from the PIAT, which of course you could not, I thought I would show this pic I have of a 3\" WP mortar fitted with an adaptor cartridge to enable it to be fired from the Home Guard weapon, the Smith Gun, oficially caled the ordnance smooth bore 3\" ( OSB ) if anyone has a Smith Gun shell going spare, I would really like one. I have more pics of these shells I will post at a later date. Tony.
Ok, the pic was too big, so I have compresed it a bit and hope this works. Also a smiley worked its way into the description where it says \"OSB\" and not os smiley ! take note of the Smith Gun cartridge fitted to the tail of the bomb. Tony.