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4,2 inch mortar Smoke WP


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After 60 years still with color. Mortar is disposed off bye Army Eod.


Cheers Mad B)
4.2 inch mortar smk


  • 4.2 smk 1945.jpg
    4.2 smk 1945.jpg
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4.2 Mortar (W.P)

Looks in good nick was it found in Chalk or Peat, the marking if found in peat tend to be better, but a bad habbit was to try to rub the dirt off this would also remove the marking because it was still wet,the next option was to leave to dry out in which case if on impact the casing had fractured you would get them popping off all over the BAC area( Bad on a Friday afternoon) best tip get some one else to read the markings.:tinysmile_grin_t:

RE gards Eodone.
Hi Jaypeetee,

I'am sorry mate but thats the only one i have of that mortar. :tinysmile_angry_t: