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4.2cm German Squeeze bore projectile


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Hi I thought the attached pictures would be of interest.

The 28/20 is just in the picture for scale.

The 42mm projectiles seem to be quite hard to get hold of. The one in the picture is described as a Pzgr.Ub. verm. urspr.mit Aluhaube in the excellent book all about German tungsten cored ammunition by Manfred Stegmuller - as I don't speak German I've got no idea what that means. The projectile is steel with no core and is presumably missing its cap. Has anyone got any further information on this projectile or specimens that you can post photos of on the forum?

Attached also a picture of the stamping on the 28/20.



  • Squeeze bore 42mm 0011.JPG
    Squeeze bore 42mm 0011.JPG
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  • Squeeze bore 42mm 0051.JPG
    Squeeze bore 42mm 0051.JPG
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  • Squeeze bore 42mm 0061.JPG
    Squeeze bore 42mm 0061.JPG
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  • Squeeze bore 42mm 0071.JPG
    Squeeze bore 42mm 0071.JPG
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Lovely stamps on that 28/20 proj!

I think UB on ammo has something to do with Training or Practise??


Excellent find Dave. As far as I know anything for the 4.2cm Pak41 is very rare.

The b is an abbreviation for bungsgescho (practice projectile)
Obviously with a practice item there is no need to have the tungsten core.

The "mit Aluhaube" is with aluminum cap. I'm not sure about the rest