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4.5 Inch naval case Identification.


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Another 4.5inch case i need help with.This is marked as follows 4.5 IN MKS 3-5 GUNS N5 ECC 0 1962,Electric primer. It is aprox 145mm x 402,rim dia 166mm.I want to know is this correct size? im sure i read that these marks of 4.5 inch gun were seperate loading not QF as per other marks.The case looks to be original and the mouth is perfectly machined so i think its correct,but have no info.Cheers Tigbrand.
Hi Tig,

I'm pretty sure that this is a cut down case. Dimentions for the rim diameter are correct but the case should be 114 x 640R. Although some cases are oversized, this one measures 5.7 inches at the neck, far too big for a separate load 4.5 inch case.