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4.5inch shell cases


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Can someone please tell me a bit more about these two shell cases, especially who de maker is of them.


On the primer there is the symbol of Gramophone Co., London.


This shell case was made in ww1 but it has a primer of ww2.

The Hayes branch of the Gramophone co. was taken over during WW1 and staff from the London site moved there to make munitions, aircraft fittings etc. Quite a rare find nowadays. The 4.5" was used during WW2 in the training role and that is probably the source of your case. If you want any photos from the 4.5" Handbook, let me know. Dave

Second Case

Manufactured in 1918
By C.C.co (Sorry, I dont know, before my period)
At about 10 o/clock there appears to be 'RL' in a rectangle the Rectangle signifies that it has been repaired and in this instance it has been repaired by RL Royal Laboratories, Woolwich.

The number letters and number below the RL one assumes are the batch and serial number for the repair.

The A in a diamond signifies that the case has been low temperature annealed to remove stresses.

BCG would be the monogram of the contractor responsible for the annealing.

Low temperature annealing should be accompanied by a batch letter and serial number, the batch letter signifying the year. This is absent so one assumes that 13-3-18 is when the case was annealed.

Next to 1918 there is a CF which is the life of the case, C at that point in time refers to the case being filled Cordite and the F signifies that is was a full charge. Note, that having been repaired this case was apparently not refilled as there should have been another C or R (for reduced) after the F

The primer was manufactured by S. Heath and Sons, Ltd. of Birmingham in May 1942 and was filled by Chorley (CY) Agust 1942 Lot 844. The Q signifies that the primer is filled with a QF composition.

Tim. G.
The 4.5" Howitzer was still in front line service at the beginning of WW2, examples being used with the B.E.F. in the middle east and in Home Defence.

My home town in 1941 was defended by three troops of 4.5 Howitzers (12 guns), four coast defence batteries (6 inch and 12 pdrs), 4 HAA batteries, various LAA postions, Pillboxes, Depth charge road craters, flamefougasses, AT blocks and ditches and a Brigade of infantry.

Post WW1 dated cases are rare, I'd imagine that there was still a huge number of cases manufactured during 1814-18 that post war production was very small?