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4,7 info needed


Ordnance approved
Hi Gang

I have just bought a collection of shells.

I am really a digger and have very little knowledge on this stuff.

I am looking for some info on this shell to advertise it for sale on our web site.

I don't want a full 10 page data report, just the sort of info needed to tell the customers what it is all about.

Secondly what sort of realistic price should I put on it.

More pictures of this shell on our web site www.dugup.co.uk


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Wombat case ?

You know Dugup that case looks remarkably like a 120mm Wombat Brass case to me !
Does it have a headstamp as this would be pretty conclusive.
See attached picture.

However, without raining on your parade the projectile does look like it may well be the real deal !
Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:


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4.7 round

I'm with Chris on the Wombat case which will have a big hole in the base if fired. The shell looks good but not sure of the colour scheme or the font for the numbers. time fuze for 1916 land service 4.7 are no.83 or no.64 but cant tell from your photo which you have. shell should be marked on the base as it is a seperate loaded shell as to what it is. Naval 4.7 are still seperate but different driving band and shape, see stuff sent re earlier 4.7 drill enquiry which I,m about to do soon.
Dugup, should we charge a consultancy fee for this, or a percentage for the sale...?