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4 inck markIV gun


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Got hands on a lot of English Cases. they are all marked 4 inch mark IV,naval marked DATED 1914 and included the protecting cover for the fuse. Unfortunally they are seafounds, and therefore not in a good shape, all are undented etc, but it seams that the brass qualitiy isnt meeting the german standard. Question, are they common, and has anyone a figure about the worth of these cases?:eek:oh: Markings on the protective clips are besides the 4 inch gun, a shield with RE &E in it. Picture will follow later on.
Some pictures. As said, not the best but heck, how would we look after 90 years on the seafloor.


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Very fine finds.

For 90 years on the sea bed I reckon they are pretty damn good !

The base has cleaned up superbly and to also find the primer protectors is quite something.

Keep us posted as to how they clean up and thanks for showing them.
Thanks Chris. Cleaning will be done this week, only the reddish brass isn't going away. The primer protectors look like new.

You might try a bit of heat on the red spots as that maywell be where the metal has come out of solution and it might (just might ?) re-dissolve the metals causing it.
I had a badly de-zincified (probably not how you spell it) 4.5 wartime case that had been sat on a flooded magazine floor for thirty something years, and gave it some real heat (red hot) and it did improve the brass look dramatically.
Those cases do look like they are in good condition for the amount of time they spent in the sea, They should look good when they're cleaned up.
No Bangs please !

Did however forget the most important point when using heat-make sure every part of that case/Primer etc is absolutely INERT :tinysmile_eyebrow_t

The same is to be said for ANY work being undertaken on ANY item of ordnance regardless of its history.