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40 Lb Bomb Demo


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Dos any one have some info on this one thanks Mad.


Cheers Mad B)
Looks very much like a WW2 flying dustbin....290mm :)P) pillbox buster.
As used in Churchill AVRE's spigot mortar

I think spotter has a load of pics...he usually does :-}

I could of course be totally wrong...i wouldnt be the first time.

Figured i needed to cover my arse...so i dont look daft again :)
Not on this ,we were finding the remains of these ,and at first it was thought they were mines ,it took me a year to finally find out what they were,,attatched pic shows them as we found them,they use the same propelling cartridge as the blacker bombard and the spigots are identicle

This shows the projector a 290mm Petard Mortar on a AVRE
Range approx 137 meters
Used for destroying obstacles and bunkers

Theres lots of stuff showing pictures of the rounds and projector/mortar but little in the way of technical drawings

They mention diameter 290 mm, but who can do a measurement. I think the diameter of the bomb is around 230 mm.

Greetings - Antoon
Hi Antoon,

You're completely correct
Someone picked me up on it after the thread and was eventually able to find out that the diameter of the 40lb bomb was in fact 229mm.....which is surely in old imperial measurements, 9 inches.
Quite where the 290mm comes from, I Can only assume it's the length of the spigot inside the barrel?... Other than that I have no idea

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Harry was this item before in the museum in Delft I see vernielingsbom No 1