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40 mm L/60 AP


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This projectile comes from Bofors and I dont know if it ever was serialproduced
The sabot is made of alloy and the core is made of some hard material
The core is 25 mm in diameter


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40/60 ap

Hi Rottenfuhrer what a nice item, very unusual and as far as I am aware never put into production.

The usual reason for an item not being produced in bulk is that the materials used are too costly-Tungsten for instance is a rare material to start with.
Or that by the time production is considered the round has been deemed as obsolete due to new research and developements that have "overtaken" it.
If you get the chance, I wouldn't mind a "square on" picture with a ruler for scale please.
As far as you know are the colours original ?

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Here is an identical projectile that i have stripped down
the inner core is very heavy so i think thats tungsten
i always thought this was a ordinary ap projectile but i think this
could be apds .Someone have a better idea?


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I see no weakening cuts in the upper part that is screwed to the body, I would think more into the direction of APCR.
Regards DJH
That was my guess before
There is a small hole in the bottom of the sabot and at the end of the inner projectile there are threads and i thougt it may be for a tracer and if so it must be separated. Just a guess(wild)
at the bottom of the (sabot) there is some empty space. I think there must be some reason for that


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Apps ?

Hi Rottenfuhrer it looks very much like an experimental A.P.P.S. that's a "Potted Sabot" which unlike the A.P.D.S. hAs no petals to fly off when exiting the bore.
This projectile merely "slips" out of the "pot" on exiting the bore and the wind resistance drags the pot back and allows the central body with inner Tungsten Piercer to carry on to the target.
Unfortunately these rounds were relatively short lived as it was found that the petalled version or "APDS" were much more reliable.
I am fairly certain that is what you have their.
See the 17 Pounder version that actually reached service in the UK albeit briefly.


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Thank you very much .I have heard about pot-sabots before but i didnt know where .This projectile was a part of a productcollection at bofors and i think
it is from 1950+ something

thank you for the info