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40 X 311 Bofors apfsds in section


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This one came off e bay in the happy years when they sold good stuff and came from America.
Its a steel cased 40mm apfsds. Unfortunately missing the point on the dart and the cap that goes over the sabot.
If anyone has further information I'd be interested in hearing from them.


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By "came from America" do you mean American-made or just acquired there?

The only APFSDS I know of for the L/60 Bofors was indeed American - it was the PGU-31B intended for firing from the AC-130 flying gunships, which carry a side-firing Bofors gun. It failed in tests and was never adopted (something to do with accuracy, I believe). There's a photo of a disassembled round (case, sabot and projectile shown separately) on page 44 of 'Flying Guns: the Modern Era'.
Thanks guys.
I think its American made. It certainly came from America when I bought it.
I'll take some close up photos later today and post them.
More photos

Attached a few close up photos.
The sabot is 4 part.
The primer is about 155mm long.
The dart minus the point is about 185mm long.


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I don't suppose anyone has a spare tip for this do they?
If so please let me know.
Just bringing this thread to life again.
I don't think I'll ever come across a spare tip for one of these but was considering having one made.
Does anyone have a good photograph or line drawing of the penetrator so I can work out how big the tip is please.