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40 x 311R Bofors L/60


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Here are some photos of some 40mm Bofors rounds I picked up recently. Both are unfired with their original crimps, they were emptied by unscrewing the primer and removing the powder. I will post some photos of the headstamps once I get some good clear ones.

40mm Nose Fuzed HE from Horndean 23/05/09. Case made in 1952 by Edward Curran & Co., Cardiff. Projectile made in 1952 by Warne, Wright and Rowlands, Birmingham. I thought this round was a steal at 20, especially with around 90% original paint.


40mm Breakup (plastic projectile filled with sand for blank firing of 40mm Bofors guns, projectile disinitegrates upon leaving the barrel). I got this one from the car boot this morning (30/05/2009). 12 wasn't too bad, especially as it still has its facory crimp.

Case made in 1957 by ROF Birtley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Projectile manufacturer/date unknown ("SX15SA" on base can be seen on base of projectile through primer hole with torch). Does anyone have any info on this marking?

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Hi Falcon,
All i can offer you are these pics of a worn break up round i have but it gives you the idea.
The text goes all the way round the projectile and reads from top to bottom,

4/74 LOT 159

The letters are 7mm high in white. Hope this is usefull to you. Maybe another member has a better condition round to photograph. You did well to pick those up for that money. Why do i never find things like that at car boots?
Best Weasel.


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Nice gear.

Hi Falcon really nice finds and a good bargain to boot !

The Break up projectile "SV" number is purely a specific part number to that component for that type of round of ammunition.
My old projectile had the SV number of-SV15SA.

The HE round is superb and at 20-00 I bet you couldn't get hold of it fast enough !:tinysmile_fatgrin_t