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40mm Bofors projectile markings


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I have an inert 40/60 Bofors round marked:


40MM/T MK4
WWR 7/52

p7 WWR

Is "WWR" the maker's mark? Also, what does the L over B mean?

There is also a marking that looks like a G in a crown. The year this shell was made (1952) would have been at the very end of the Reign of George VI, but it is not a mark I have seen before.

Any info would be helpful.

WWR = Warne, Wright and Rowlands.
Screw & nut manufacturers, turned & pressed & motor car component parts.
Keeley Street, Watery Lane, Bham 9.
Multiple Victoria 2921 (5 lines)

Got a photo' of the markings? a picture paints a thousand words.


Thanks for the info Tim. I will photograph the round at the weekend when I can do it in the natural daylight.
I took a few photos pf the projectile:



Recovery Proof of Driving Band.

Falcon I believe your HE Bofors round has escaped from a "recovery proof" situation as the marks on the body and band made with a chisel are used to certify the Driving Band security on firing.
These marks are made by an inspector who then gets the round fired and it is subsequently recovered (usually fired into the sea at high tide and beach recovered afterwards at low tide) upon recovery it is inspected to ensure that the driving band has not "Slipped" during firing, if found to be secure with no evident slippage then the whole batch will be accepted to be filled and used.(sometimes a few are fired to ensure at least one is found!) all of these rounds are INERT filled !
Please be sure to note that whilst these specific rounds are INERT filled any projectile that is or was High Explosive must ALWAYS be treated as potentilly lethal unless it is proven otherwise !
Thanks for the information. Due to the expanded crimp, I tried to see if the projectile could be pulled out, but it wouldn't budge.

So does anyone know what the "G in Crown" mark is?