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40mm Crimped Case


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Dropped into a mate's place for a coffee this PM and he showed me his latest acquisitions among which was the 40 crimped round in the attached pics. Not one I am familiar with so over to the forum for some input please....Regards....Rod


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Barrel clearance round.

Ita a very nice 40/60 Bofors "Barrel Clearance" round used for clearing obstructions in the bore:tinysmile_eyebrow_t

Not sure that I would like to be present when it was used however !

Yours having the stamping "MF" indicates it is an Australian manufacture - Footscray.

There have been a few on sale over here recently but generally they are fairly unusual items.
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Hi Rod,
Thats a really nice find, i have known about these but have never seen one before thanks for posting a picture of it. I agree with you Chris on not wanting to be around one when its used as i can imagine that not all fuses and rounds were "bore safe" or that happy about being fired twice . Best regards Weasel.
G'day Chris & Weasel....thanks for the input and I will pass on the info later today. I'm sure he will be pleased. He is a good scrounger and digs up unusual Military items on a reasonably regular basis. As a good example...late last year he presented my living history group with 2 Aust. Military. 40mm metal ammo boxes. Whilst suffering the ravages of shed storage on a property down south there remains a lot of the original paint and markings so it will take a bit of effort to restore same without loosing the info. Amongst our toys is a 40 mm that we now have registered on the road as a "trailer". I did most of the restoration on same a few years back. I now have part of the group working on the appropriate WW2 Arty. Tractor to pull same. Not directly related to this part of the Forum but it is related to the thread so I will enclose pics of same for your interest....before and after or target build .....truck has been taken back to chassis and is now carrying a winch and can be driven Regards....Rod


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